AeroTetris build. J35 Draken 1600mm

Im starting a new AeroTetris build.
This time im buliding the J35 Draken 1600mm.

Model SAAB J35 Draken 1600mm

wingspan- 1000 mm
length- 1600 mm
wing area - 70.56 dm²
number of components - 680pc
CNC cutting length - 204548 mm
weight glued 492 gr

CNC cutting length - 204548 mm
The blogg will be uppdated with pictures during the build.

video of my J35 Draken being cut out from AeroTetris
OK! Finaly my package arrived from AeroTetris Spain. The build can start.
First, numbering all parts. It took me aprox. 2hours.
Todays build. From section 1-9
 Section 11-12
 A couple of more sectons assembled today
at this point im at section 19. There are many pieces in every section so it takes time to build but it is super fun!
Todays build. Section 20-23
At this point the front section os only layed on top of the aft section, not glued. Noticed that its not perfectly straight so i have to adjust the top section by sanding it straight before gluing.
Day 3, Another tetris build day.
Wings and wing tubes
 Time to fit in the EDF.
Im now at section 32 were i think is a good place for the EDF. 
 Here i have made two wood blocks to screw the edf unit in. They are glued in place with 30min epoxy.
Building the fin
Weight is now 422g That includes carbonfiber wingtubes and the two wood block motor mounts
 Installing the servo for rudder.
Markings for rudder
I hope the size of the rudder is ok.
Gluing the wings to the fuselage using epoxy, not UHU!
Here i made a simple jigg to make sure the fuselage is perfect streight.
Wings seams to be in perfect level
Checking the TP. 
Here i have straighten up the battery compartment with balsa.
Made a bottom plate in balsa for the lipos
The top hatch is hold in place with the carbon fibre rod. The rod is not glued so its possible to drag it out 
Perfect fit of the lipos
Now time for fibreglassing. Im using 25g/m2 fiberglass
 Layer two with epoxy
Very smooth surface. At this stage the model weight is 517gram
Fiberglassing rudder and fin
Todays work. Glued the rudder to the fin with epoxy
 then glue the fin to the fuselage 
Rudder linkage
Weight including battery and edf. ESC is not installed.
This is the point were i going to have the CG for the first flight. 
 Now the maiden flight is done. The model flies beautiful!!
Some pictures from the maiden
 Video of the first flight
Video of the second flight


1 jesper barkman:

<mycket imponerande bygge, och så vackert! Grattis till ett fin flygplan!

Svar: Tack Jeppe!
Jonas Sjögren

2 Mats Wergeland:

Hej, vilka fina byggen!!
Vore kul med lite detaljerad info om hur du gör ytbeläggningen på planen.
Är det glas och Hagmans spackel i huvudsak?
Berätta gärna.
Jag scratchbygger en jet-kärra i friggo nämligen.

// Mats W

Svar: Hej Mats. Tack för dina fina ord, det värmer. Den sista viggen tog ca 1år att bygga. Den klädde jag med tunt brunt silkespapper som jag hittade på ClasOlsson. 50/50 vatten och vitlim. Sen strök jag två lager vattenbaserad polyuretanlack. På det spacklade jag en jämn å fin yta med Biltemas lättspackel som jag blandade ut med ganska mycket vatten så jag kunde pensla på ett jämt lager. Slipade och la sen färgen som blandades i rätt kulör. Färgen var vanlig symfoni väggfärg å lades på med en superfin lackpensel.
Jonas Sjögren

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